VEPTR awareness day

The folks over at the Room to Breathe Foundation and the Titanium Rib Foundation are celebrating “VEPTR Awareness Day” today across the country. They want to make sure all children who could benefit from this technology, as well as their parents and doctors, know that help is available. We will celebrate by sharing this video made just a few weeks ago to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the first rib implantation. The people speaking are some of the first to undergo the surgery, and their stories are heartfelt and hopeful.

Miriam is currently having a great time visiting her grandparents in Michigan. We’re grateful for this relatively healthy time, when she is able to play outside like any other kid.



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  1. Penny Zent says:

    Miracles do happen every day! Thanks for sharing this information. And blessings to our little miracle Miso! We love you!

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