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Good Throat News

At Miriam’s follow-up visit with Dr. Cheung-Phillips a week ago, we were given lots of good news. Dr. CP performed another video scope of her throat and everything looked better. (Miriam was so cooperative that she stuck out her tongue so the doctor could hold it out of the way.) The irregularity along her vocal cords has nearly disappeared. The signs of reflux were reduced, but there was still some residual redness. Her doctor recommended keeping her on Pepcid for another six months and then trying to wean her off. She also recommended that for Miriam’s future surgeries we try to get her doctors to use an LMA in place of a conventional breathing tube. This set-up does not require anything to go past the vocal cords in the throat and should greatly reduce the risk of re-injury. We were told at her last procedure that they can only use the LMA if she does not need to be on her stomach for surgery. Since this upcoming expansion should be routine and require minimum incision, we are hoping they can perform it on her side instead.  We meet with Dr. Williams in the beginning of December to schedule that next procedure, which should take place either in late December or January. So far it seems that she won’t need anything else before then. All three of the girls have been happy and healthy, and we are praying that continues through the holidays.