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Expansion #5 update

Thankfully there is not much to report about Miriam’s surgery today. Dr. Williams expanded both veptrs about 1 cm and was done within 2 hours of Miriam heading back to surgery. We were able to bring her home before noon. She had a bit of a rough time coming out of anesthesia in the recovery room, but was feeling well enough to color and play gently with her sisters in the evening. She seems very happy to be sleeping in her own bed tonight.

She was excited to be at the hospital this morning, as you might be able to tell from this video of her waiting to go back:

Expansion #5


The last six months have probably been the easiest and healthiest of Miriam’s life since before she started surgeries. She seems much more comfortable since Dr. Williams moved her long VEPTR up a vertebra at the last procedure. She has only complained of pain once or twice in the last month, which is a huge change from the lead-up to her previous surgeries. In the past, as we got close to time for another expansion, she has complained often of soreness around her devices and has acted worn out in the evening. This time, she still seems comfortable, and her energy level (even with the business of kindergarten) has been great.

Cinderella Snow Angels

Among her recent accomplishments, she danced in a ballet recital with her sister Cecilia. It was a production of Cinderella, and they danced as the snow angels that arrive with the Winter Fairy. We tried to take a picture of Miriam’s back to show off her scars in her costume, but they are hardly noticeable! We thank God for her body’s incredible ability to heal, and pray it will continue to recover quickly from each procedure.

VEPTR back!

Her next surgery is scheduled for Monday, May 11. This time her doctor anticipates a simple expansion on both devices. This is great news, as it means she will need only a small incision over the middle of both devices Рjust enough to fit the tool which is used to ratchet the devices out to expand the ribs. This surgery should be outpatient, and we should go home Monday afternoon if all goes well. We were able to do outpatient surgery just once before, and Miriam bounced back in only a few days. We pray it will go as easily this time, and as always that she will be protected from infection or other complication. She has shown almost no anxiety, though she is fully aware of the coming surgery and what it entails. We are so grateful for her peace of mind and heart, and we pray it will stay with her as she continues to grow. Thank you all for joining us in these prayers!