Some Before & After Photos

Before Miriam goes in for her throat scope and (excision maybe?), here’s a happy update. We posted pictures of Miso’s back before the installation procedure. Here are the same postures afterwards.

You can see the major improvements in her posture.


The bumps in her spine are gone (note the lack of the shadow to the left of her spine). There are a few new bumps from the device (under her right shoulder blade, and in the lumbar area in particular). Her abdomen is also noticeably longer, though this is hidden by the higher-waisted pull-up she is wearing in the after picture.


You can also see in the lowest part of the picture the more fresh wound/scar where they shortened/adjusted the rod after her skin breakdown. The actual opening where the skin breakdown occurred was to the right (a faint horizontal line). Hope that’s not too gruesome for the internet…

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  1. grandma mary says:

    I had hoped We would not publish this ? Pics actually on my FB page… :(

  2. Becky says:

    We decided to publish because she is recovering so well and wanted to share how much the procedure is helping already. We know eventually that other VEPTR parents will be finding this site to research what their kids will be going through. We want them to know that Miriam’s major incisions are totally healed after less than two months, and the correction to her spine after only the initial surgery is worth the sacrifice.

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