Re-closure Follow-up

Miriam had a follow-up today with Dr Williams to remove the bandages and the staples from her lower back after last week’s unexpected surgery to re-close the extra wound caused by the rod pressing against her skin.


Everything looks very healthy, and Miriam has been complaining much less about her back hurting. She has to wait until next week to go back to her ballet class and two weeks before she can take a bath again, but other than that, she is good to go for a while.

Also, whereas she cried at her first x-rays, she was very concerned today she would leave the office without having one done. Luckily for her, they wanted to double check that everything was where it should be, and it was.

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  1. Joe Fairweather says:

    Luckily for her… radiation! You can tell her I like to take those fancy pictures, too, but I never get to be in them :(

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